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Q&A about Confidentiality

Q: I don't want anyone to know what I talk about in therapy. Is therapy completely confidential?

A: Psychotherapists are mandated by law to keep clients' information and the contents of therapy confidential, even from other professionals such as medical doctors, lawyers, school teachers, and others, unless you give your therapist permission to communicate with someone and request that he or she does so. However, there are exceptions -- such as an emergency, for example, when a client reports thoughts of harm to self or others, or when when child or elderly abuse is suspected.


Q: I don't want my family to know that I am in psychotherapy. Can this be assured?


A: It is my job to keep all of my clients' information confidential. Please let me know, in the initial consultation, if you don't want me to leave phone messages to your house number, or if you don't want any mail sent to your home address. I will always honor your preferences for how I contact you.


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