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Heal, grow, and expand your potential.

Welcome to the website of psychotherapist Mika Nitta, Psy.D.


I provide a place for each of my client to heal from old wounds, to know better about the patters of one's thoughts and behaviors, to discover the direction one really wants to move in, and to take life to a higher level. I believe that these answers are within clients, not in their therapists, and I am here to support my clients to find their own answers. 

In order to help each client to explore the world within him/herself, my job is to provide a space, where each the client feels safe and comfortable to think and talk about something truly important for him/her.

Through this therapeutic work, I have witnessed many people, who have felt better about themselves, improved their daily lives, and achieved their higher goals.

This site explains how it works. Please look around and see if you want to try to take a step forward with me.  

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